Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Plain and Dry

So...this weekend was busy. After moving 3 tons of gravel, we set off to a nearby Wal-Mart to purchase some all important camping gear. Like any good camper we prepared a list and clearly marked the thing we needed to buy. On our drive to the store, I candidly made the comment that we should be in and out quickly as long as we stick to the list (I already know what you're thinking..."Yeah right, you wish").

Well 10 minutes after crossing the threshhold of Wal-Mart we had accumulated a pretty high price tag and had nothing on the list checked off...it was going to be one of those days. Things were not going as planned or expected.

One thing on the list was "6 gallon water containers". We were going to pick up a couple more for my parents. Well there they were, 3 of them right there on the shelf...oh but wait what's this they are all missing their screw on caps. Who steals the caps from 6 gallon water containers at Wal-Mart? Who? Seriously, give me a break? We compromised for some other ones, which might actually work better for our purposes. Not as expected.

We slowly started to cross things off our list. By this time we had acquired a second shopping cart. "Its for the baby", I secretly told myself. But we had yet to scratch the surface of the food list. Part of our shopping took a detour through the toy isle. My son had money burning a hole in his pocket and needed to spend it fast. Apparently he also realized that we had money burning holes in our pockets too and suggested we buy lots of toys. A quick look at our carts would surely bring anyone else to the same conclusion. We in the end we made him stick to only buring holes in his own pockets.

The food shopping actually went very smoothly and we stuck to the list. Not as expected.

It was time to checkout. It was now payback for all those people who abuse the fact that Wal-Mart doesn't enforce the "Speedy Checkout - 20 items or less rule". After some joking around we decided to not be jerks and moved our caravan to a "normal" register. Lets just say the final tab was Not as expected.

We were all a bit hungry so we went to a nearby Wendys. Oh yeah...loading the car was interesting. We go through the drive though and get the standard kid's meal along with two regular meals. After receiving our food, someone remembered that we forgot to ask for "plain and dry" on the kids meal cheeseburger. For the next 5 - 10 minutes we were subjected to all the reasons why a burger can not possibly be consumed unless it is plain and dry. I was not convinced. For my son, it was not as expected.

We headed home and wrapped up the day.

Lesson: Life is not made to order.

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