Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Michael Jackson: An Expensive Farewell

The cost of the Michael Jackson memorial is estimated to cost the Tax Payers of the city of Los Angeles $4 million dollars, that is $4,000,000! Not as large as the debt Obama has accrued since taking office, but still a pricey tab to be thrust up the city of Los Angeles and the state of California (which is now bankrupt).

There is no question that Michael Jackson was a larger that life celebrity, but there is a question as to why his death deserves the attention and publicity it does. Anyone, who has been half way observant will notice a few things:
  1. His death and memorial is overshadowing the more important issues of Public Health Care and the Cap and Trade bills being foolishly pushed through legislation (Obama couldn't have hoped for better timing).
  2. Michael Jackson is being hailed as a great figure of black civil rights (remember when Tupac was being compared to Martin Luther King). Never mind he has two children from white surrogates and bleached his body white, whiter than mine. Black celebrities never miss an opportunity to play the race card.
  3. No attention is being given to his bizarre and questionable lifestyle. Sure, it comes out that he was abusing prescription drugs, but guess what, "It's not his fault". He was obviously being taken advantage of by shady doctors. Faulty reasoning.
  4. He is being idolized as a god among men. A disgrace.

Michael Jackson's death clearly shows the mind set of our nation. We are more concerned with this man, who destroyed his reputation and body as the years went on, than we are with the issues that face us morally, financially, and politically as a country.

So who should pay for this? Well, I'm sure between all the celebrities that "poured" their hearts out at the memorial service they should be able to muster up at least $4 million. Or how about the Jackson family themselves. $4 million is chump change. Also, keep in mind they opted to have such a big memorial, they had "cheaper" alternatives. But now, the Mayor of Los Angeles is asking for donations, maybe Obama will bail them out:

Sure Michael's death may have been sad to many of his fans, but the disgraceful spectacle put on by many, and now the price tag, tells a much sadder story.

Lesson: The dead know nothing, and it is a good thing they don't.

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